ESP Program

ESP (English for Special Purpose) courses are designed for specific professional fields or practical situations, enhancing international competitiveness and providing essential English language training.
Winning English Academy ESP Courses
Enhance your competitiveness in the international workplace.
This course focuses on "industry applications" and trains students interested in entering the international workplace in both English language skills and other professional skills.
The course is graded on a level-based systems, comprehensive theme training
Rich and practical program that prepares you for the job and international living

Suitable for

A traveler who want to speak English fluently
Workers who need to travel overseas frequently

A must-have for travel enthusiasts! This course is specially designed for international travel, such as airport immigration, hotel conversations, and more. Students will enhance their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in practical scenarios. They will also have the opportunity to practice real-life situations and improve their English communication skills.

Course Information

Number of courses/hours per day 8 courses, 8 hours in total (including optional courses)
1:1 Courses Course content: listening, reading, conversation, travel themed conversation
Number of courses: 4 courses
Group Courses Course content: Writing course, Speech course
Number of courses: 1:4 Writing course, 1 course. 1:6 Speech course, 1 course.
In total 2 group courses
Optional Courses Course content: Interesting and practical themed courses to train the ability to use English flexibly. This course is free to attend.
Number of courses: 2 courses

Other Information

Graded Entrance Examination Hold on the first day
Mock Exam Once every 4 weeks
Campus City Campus, Ocean Campus
Start Date Courses start every Monday
Age Limit Over 12 years old
Winning Grading System
The Winning Education Group are all uses CEFR (The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) as language proficiency standard. Before course, students will attend placement test. Students will be provided with appropriate materials and teachers based on the results of this exam. Students can greatly improve their language skills with a systematic and progressive approach to learning!
Level table_english (1)
Daily Schedule
Time Course
07:00 ~ 08:30 Breakfast
08:00~08:50 1st class|1:1 class/Group class/Free Time
09:00~09:50 2nd class|1:1 class/Group class/Free Time
10:00~10:50 3rd class|1:1 class/Group class/Free Time
11:00~11:50 4th class|1:1 class/Group class/Free Time
12:00~12:50 Lunch
13:00~13:50 5th class|1:1 class/Group class/Free Time
14:00~14:50 6th class|1:1 class/Group class/Free Time
15:00~15:50 7th class|1:1 class/Group class/Free Time
16:00~16:50 8th class|1:1 class/Group class/Free Time
17:00~17:50 Dinner
18:00~18:50 9th class|Option Class (Group)
19:00~19:50 10th class|Option Class (Group)
This is a reference for scheduling purposes only. The actual schedule will be provided to students upon their arrival at school.

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