Winning English Academy

International talent development center for English language proficiency
Join Winning, You're Winning!
TWO accessible campuses in Cebu
Both the City and Ocean campuses provide excellent living conditions and transportation options. Relax and enjoy your study abroad trip!
At Winning, you'll learn more than just English!
To be successful internationally, we place a strong emphasis on developing students' all-around skills, including professionalism, communication, and critical thinking.
Online courses and Offline study-abroad opportunities
In addition to studying abroad in the Philippines, you can continue learning English online through WinningPlus. Warm up before going abroad; strengthen in an all-English atmosphere after coming home!
Authorized Cambridge materials with with a distinctive learning approach
We combine authorized Cambridge materials with additional professional learning tools to maximize the efficacy of English learning by covering listening, speaking, reading, writing, and application.
High-quality teachers, complete teacher recruitment and training system
With careful selection and training, our teachers are TESOL-certified and committed to providing the greatest level of teaching!
The campus is a global village with a diverse nationality ratio
We maintain a diverse international-student ratio in compliance with the English Only Policy (E.O.P.). This allows students to interact with classmates from different countries, which helps them learn English more effectively.

Core Educational Philosophy

Winning Global EduTech Group is dedicated to helping students utilize their English language abilities. We design a comprehensive curriculum to cultivate students' "International English" (Lingua Franca) proficiency, which enables them to communicate effectively worldwide!


Methods of systematic learning that lowered the complexity of knowledge


Teach Less, Learn More + MMS learning formula

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Students will acquire three crucial competitive knowledge and abilities.
Communication skills|Problem-solving skills|Cross-disciplinary knowledge

Course Recommendation

We have a variety of personalized courses available, select the option that best fits your needs.


ESP Program

Professional fields and practical skills are covered in specialized courses!
This course is created especially for practical skills in specific areas such as travel and tour guide English. It aims to strengthen practical and conversation skills, as well as to fast acquire proficient spoken English for living abroad.

Business English

Essential for improving your workplace competitiveness!
With a focus on reading, speaking, and listening abilities, this course is created for real-world business situations. It enables students to develop their business writing and presentation skills, which will benefit them in the workplace.

Cambridge ESL

The best option for you is to raise your speaking ability and improve your fundamental English skills.
You can improve your speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills with theme courses like "Situational Conversation" and "Public Speaking" as well as at least four one-on-one classes. There are three options for this course: Cambridge ESL2; Cambridge ESL4; Power Speaking 6

Family Program

Excellent program for family study tours!
Children are encouraged to speak English by using Danny Kids interactive materials along with interactive whiteboards and activities! We offer lite courses for parents so they may travel with their kids and learn about life abroad at the same time.

Students Experience

Amazing experiences are shared by students all across the world.

Student Sandy's Travel Experience in the Philippines
I think it is a valuable experience in Winning; relating to different topics of courses, Winning holds various events, not only training my English but having a closer connection with people. Those have many benefits for me to use either at school or work.
Student I-fan's shared experience
Winning English Academy is the best encounter I've had this year. I got my report card, and not wasted the past two months! After two months of study, I scored 755 on the New Generation Test of TOEIC Test! That's an improvement of over 200 points!

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We have the most professional teaching staff. Please contact us at any moment as we design an individualized course for you.

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