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129 General Echavez St, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu

8 Reasons to choose Winning English

8 Reasons to choose Winning English

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Distinctive Educational System

Interactive Learning

Teachers are lively, conduct many activities during classes. Exchange courses with local college and organization are held frequently. Students can make more English-Speaking friends, and raise the motivation of self-learning.

We Are Family

Friendly English-Speaking Environment

“CARE” is the core concept of Winning English. Treat and take care of the students as family. Friendly English speaking environment allows students to enjoy learning English.

Global Village

International ESL

Now we have students from Taiwan, China, Vietnam, Japan, Russia, Brazil and Middle East.

Trustworthy Teachers

Professional Methodology

90% teachers are graduated from English teaching major and hired by SOP.

Excellent Training System

Solid Orientation

To build up a professional team. We create our own procedure from recruiting to training. We arrange head teacher or outside trainer to give class to all teachers.

Hotel Type Management

4-Star Rating Chef

Chef who is experienced in 4-star hotel for 7 years. We take care of your daily life and provide various types of cuisines from different countries.

1st Philippines-Taiwan Co-Founded ESL


Winning is more capable in dealing with special cases and emergencies because of its localization investment strategy. First Philippines-Taiwan co-found ESL. Student’s Satisfaction is our first priority. We are willing to help students by our local resources.

Excellent Location

Heart of Cebu

Easy access to all malls and tour spots. It helps you to discover Cebu city and let the city teach you English.